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At Dr Singh's Surgery, all staff are here to support your caring needs. Carers are offered a free annual health checks and offered appointments at the same time to reduce inconvenience. Staff can also signpost you to local services where you can get support if you are someone who cares for a relative or friend.

Understanding if you are a carer

As a Carer you may be looking after someone who’s ill, disabled or has health/ substance abuse problems. You might be doing their laundry, feeding them, medicating, or helping in the bathroom, all unpaid. Before you can get support, you’ll need a carer’s assessment.

Find out more about carer’s assessment on the CarersUK website

Millions of people don’t know they’re a carer. If you are, you could get practical and emotional support that could really take the weight of your shoulders.

Contact the assessment team on telephone 0208 583 3100

There are different types of carers:

  • Adult Carer (adults who care for other adults)
  • Parent Carer (adult who cares for a child with disability or illness)
  • Young Carer (someone under 18 who cares for someone like a parent or sibling)

Support you can get as a carer

  • Practical support establishing your needs, training and learning opportunities
  • Carers’ forums discover and share information with other carers in your area
  • Emergency cover support if something happens to you or the person you care for

Further information

These websites can help you find support and information about caring in and around Hounslow:

Hestia offers advice and support for carers in Hounslow including organising events for support groups for those with Learning Disabilities and Long-Term Conditions.

A list of useful support services for carers is available from CarePlace including this comprehenisve Carer Information Factsheet For more details, contact Care Place Carers Team on 0208 583 4531

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